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Restoga Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practice’s . It has been studied and recommended to promote relaxation . It is claimed that yoga can be in excellent training for children, both as a form of physical exercise and stress relieving. How does this sound?

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When Is The ‘Right’ Time To Relax?

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Do You Feel Pressured?

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Do You Feel Pressured?
Dear You,
I would like You to think about which You LIKE better…
BEing Pressured
BEing Relaxed ?
The CHOICE is Yours.
Whichever one You BELIEVE in is what You will get. Yes, people say that they DO better under pressure. If that works for You great, if it does not, then consider LEARNing how to RELAX.
The ways to become more RELAXed are endless (yoga, meditate, walks, baths, gardening, etc.). Know that You can only BE one or the other thanks to the Universal Law of Duality. Which actually means both pressure and relaxation are of the same thing, yet are also with the Universal Law of Polarity. How beautiful!
The beauty is that the CHOICE is Yours. Yep, Yours.
Remember that it is wisest to have what You say, think, and DO be in harmony so that You receive the abundance that God wants You to have. Why CHOOSE any other way? What a wonderful and amazing World we live in! We get a CHOICE!
I love you!
Blessings, Life

World Day of Prayer

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Happy World Day of Prayer!


10 Minutes Of Meditation or Technology?

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Watch Learn & Live: Kyphosis

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Learn & Live: Kyphosis (Hunchback)

Passage #3

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What do you do for your posture?

What are YOU going to DO differently?


To My Yogi Friends in the World


To My Yogi Friends in the World.

With tears in my eyes, I have experienced getting tighter over the last two years.

And now within the last SIX days…for a miracle…my muscles are relaxing, stretching again! Absolutely amazing!

Yet, the miracle is due to CHANGES I have made with what I put IN my MIND and BODY.

YES, both matters!

To all My Yogi Friends, KNOW that if you have lost flexibility, you can have it again! As I am fortunate to have this journey! One of those things, you do not appreciate as much as you can until you no longer have it!

I love you all,

And know that you can have it too!!!!

Blessings to you!!!!


I Give Thanks


I Give Thanks.

I give thanks for…

my faith, health, family, friends, and so much more.

I have been tighter than usual while doing yoga for awhile now. And, starting yesterday, I am starting to experience stretching, a little bit, as I used to.

Sometimes we think we will not experience the joy or freedom we had, yet the key is to keep digging deeper until you get at the ’causes’.

It brings tears to my eyes knowing the limitations I have felt for quite sometime. Now that I am experiencing a bit of freedom, here and there, for the last few days, I am opening my mind to feeling the greatness of flexibility and strength again!

I have a ways to go, yet I am excited to see what each new day brings!


#Meditation can Decrease Inflammation


#Meditation can decrease inflammation at the Cellular Level.

Meditation helps us understand what causes the red inflamed thinking that creates inflammation.
Then we can learn to change our thoughts and behaviors to healthier ones.


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