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To Correct, Love, and Discipline

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Take the Sleigh to Learn & Live!

Use what you can, Leave the rest.

“A refusal to correct is a refusal to love;
Love your children by disciplining them”
~Proverbs 13:24 MSG

Now,… (read more on image)


When Sweeties Are NOT 100%

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Parents are teachers that sweeties
watch and LEARN from…
of what to DO and what NOT to DO.

When sweeties are not 100%,
it means it is time to CHAT about
what is going on MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

Yes, it takes patience and sometimes digging,
yet the results are HEALing on ALL levels.

Louise Hay, one teacher and mentor,
I am very thankful for,
says two main patterns lead to dis-ease:
fear and anger.

Does Amy EXPERIENCE fear and anger?
Oh yeah!
Of course, By Choice (BC).
[Ask her sweeties about BC!]

What we can LEARN is that we need to
REPLACE our fears and anger with FAITH.
And, we do this by example.
As our sweeties watch parents like a hawk.
Yes, they have the CHOICE to DO
the same or differently.

What DO you Experience?

Connect with US to
Learn & Live Life!

As always,
I love you,

P.S. Message US to receive our Daily Inspirations!

P.S.S. Use what you can, leave the rest!

P.S. DO what makes your heart sing!


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I AM Because We Are

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Which Way Are You Going?

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Which Way Are You Going?
Dear You,
“Forward thinkers have no tolerance for backward vision.” Alan Cohen
We can get so caught up in the past that that is what we get more of. What we focus on we get. I was explaining this morning to Cleopatra that we can either spend an hour talking about the past we do NOT want to repeat or we can focus on what God would like us to create! It tis our choice.
Yes, the past can be fun to reminisce about. The key in those things we do NOT want to repeat, or have loved ones DO, is to focus on the NOW. Because what we think, do, and say NOW creates our tomorrow. Kids know naturally how to BE in the NOW. We, as parents, can teach them to continue this into adulthood.
And, the things we do NOT want to repeat, LEARN from them, FORGIVE, CHANGE, MOVE ON, and FORGET yet remember the Lesson! And, help others so they do NOT have to go through it.
Which way are you going today, forward or backward?
Choose wisely. We are guiding You (God, Life, and the Universe).
I love you!
Blessings, Life

Watch When God Calls the Heart #1

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Hello friends and #Hearties! 🙋🏼‍♀️
My mom, Amy M. Salmen Thomas and I recorded a video today on the first Devotional in When God Calls the Heart. We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to place your thoughts in the comments!

Also, we are excited to announce that to accompany Bobbi ‘s lovely Monday posts, mom and I will be going LIVE in this event on Monday evenings at 7pm, CST. We hope you will join us! ❤


(The title says “Big Dreams….Unexpected Surprises, however it’s supposed to say “Dream Big….Expect Surpises.”)

Watch When God Calls the Heart #1

The Spirit of Christmas


“A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” ~Benjamin Franklin

We teach our children to have the spirit of Christmas in their hearts all year!

We started two years ago paying it forward $5 a day during the holidays.

Now th is year, we pay it forward $5 a day almost every day of the year.

We are learning to give anonymously.
It is about not knowing who it goes to,
Yet trusting the Creator will give it to who is ready to receive!

You can share a smile, a handshake, a hug, it does not have to be money. You can give something of yours away. Share kind words!

Enjoy the spirit of decorating with family and friends who are in your hearts!

Enjoy the experience!
The moment!






Do YOU remember when YOU were a child and needed to ‘speak the truth’?

Do YOU remember how YOU felt?

I do!

Tonight Isaiah had something to ‘speak the truth’ about, and
The tears rolled one by one down his precious face.
He felt sad, mad, so many feelings!

I explained that communicating is the BEST way.

I had him CLOSE his eyes, and
BREATHE,…, and
Reminded him of #Meditation.

We, as a #Family, DO MEDitation every morning for 10 minutes.
I softly and quietly sang ‘Om’ to him.

He calmed and explained the situation.
He felt so much better!
He cleared his energy!

MEDitation is so very incredible…
May YOU ‘Experience the Difference ‘!

Peace, MommA

#EverydayFamilyLife #TheLifeBlog

To My Sweet Hubby


To My Sweet Hubby…

Anther year younger!

YOU look younger everyday!
And, act like it too!🤣(Yes, this is a good thing!)

May YOU BE blessed for Your NEW Year with Love, Health, Happiness, Laughter, Smiles, Hugs, and so much more!

YOU deserve the BEST LIFE has to offer!

YOU are a loving, fun, beautiful, yogic, active, focused, disciplined, cool, handsome, wise soul!
And, so much more!

YOU have been through so much, always forgive yourself for any of the past and BE nice to yourself!
Remember Your Innocence!!

May the BLESSINGS and Good Fortune BE yours!

Thank YOU for BEing one of my greatest teachers!

I love you, Ame


FAMILY, Businesses, Organizations, and Teams?


What does a FAMILY, Businesses, Organizations, and Teams ALL have in common?


And, our FAMILY this year is LEARNing about ALL 3.

We want our children to understand, know, and experience ALL 3.

We are ALL going to Learn & Live ALL 3.

Stay tuned as we SHARE our experiences during our Journey.

What can Your FAMILY DO to LEARN about Businesses, Organizations, and Teams?

Ho’Oponopono Mantra


Let US give thanks…
Please forgive me
I AM sorry
I love you
Thank you!
Thank You and so it is!
~Ho’Oponopono Mantra

We love to use this prayer with EFT, tapping! 🙂

#prayer #gratitude #thankful
#EverydayFamilyLife #FamilyOfPeace

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