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When Sweeties Are NOT 100%

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Parents are teachers that sweeties
watch and LEARN from…
of what to DO and what NOT to DO.

When sweeties are not 100%,
it means it is time to CHAT about
what is going on MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

Yes, it takes patience and sometimes digging,
yet the results are HEALing on ALL levels.

Louise Hay, one teacher and mentor,
I am very thankful for,
says two main patterns lead to dis-ease:
fear and anger.

Does Amy EXPERIENCE fear and anger?
Oh yeah!
Of course, By Choice (BC).
[Ask her sweeties about BC!]

What we can LEARN is that we need to
REPLACE our fears and anger with FAITH.
And, we do this by example.
As our sweeties watch parents like a hawk.
Yes, they have the CHOICE to DO
the same or differently.

What DO you Experience?

Connect with US to
Learn & Live Life!

As always,
I love you,

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P.S.S. Use what you can, leave the rest!

P.S. DO what makes your heart sing!


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Are You THINKing With Your Heart?

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To My Sweeties,

So we have our lovely MIND
located in our head, and
our beautiful HEART
located in the center of our body.

There is a reason they
are placed how they are.

We are to LISTEN with our HEART
and then converse with our MIND.

I started learning what
THOUGHT patterns create
what dis-eases and ill-nesses
in 2006.

I have used this pretty much
any time when you and I are
NOT feeling 100 percent,
as you know this.

You know I believe very deeply
about prevention.

There are times when you
resist communicating your
feelings and words,
yet when you DO you know
HEALing takes place…

spiritually, mentally,
emotionally, and physically.

When you so CHOOSE to HEAL
the CAUSE,
we are HEALed on every level.

For now, breathe, and
BE thankful for
our health and happiness
we are so very BLESSED with!

Are you THINKing with your HEART?

I love you!

*Connect with US to Learn & Live Life!

**Message US to receive our Daily Inspirations!

***Use what you can, leave the rest!

****DO what makes your heart sing!


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Watch We Challenge You… to Workout Day 6 of 12

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Day 6 of 12


Watch We Challenge You… to Workout for 12 Days

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We Challenge You… to do strength training and yoga for 20 Minutes a day! Join us! Families, Individuals, Groups, Businesses…

Day 2 of 12


Body & Spirit

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“My BODY is wired.
My SPIRIT is wireless.”
~Alan Cohen


Watch Learn & Live: Kyphosis

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Learn & Live: Kyphosis (Hunchback)

Passage #3

Listen to & Enjoy our impromptu video about Everyday Life!

What do you do for your posture?

What are YOU going to DO differently?


I Give Thanks


I Give Thanks.

I give thanks for…

my faith, health, family, friends, and so much more.

I have been tighter than usual while doing yoga for awhile now. And, starting yesterday, I am starting to experience stretching, a little bit, as I used to.

Sometimes we think we will not experience the joy or freedom we had, yet the key is to keep digging deeper until you get at the ’causes’.

It brings tears to my eyes knowing the limitations I have felt for quite sometime. Now that I am experiencing a bit of freedom, here and there, for the last few days, I am opening my mind to feeling the greatness of flexibility and strength again!

I have a ways to go, yet I am excited to see what each new day brings!




I am not crazy about taking photos like this, yet the girls said time to have a progress picture… here it is!

Many bumps, hurdles, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more during these 6 months!

Effort, discipline, change, choices, and so much more!

Yoga, meditation, walks, foods, water, sleep, laughter, and more!

No pills, special drinks, protein supplements, etc.

The kids and I have only take Wellness when run down a bit. No over the counter, prescription, supplements.

Will see what the next step will be!


“Listen to Your BODY’s Messages”


“Listen to Your BODY’s messages for they are TRUE!”


Our BODY is communicating to US what LESSON we are to Learn & Change.

Our BODY is instructing US, and
By listening to its messages…
We can , and
Lessen the severity and duration of the problem.

Every ‘problem’ has a ‘solution’.
The teacher, ‘problem’, disappears one you Learn the Lesson and CHANGE!

For me, this is a MIRACLE!

YOU got this!

I love YOU, Ame

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