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Affirmations: are statements and beliefs. A great place to start changing your life, for the better, is to create affirmations. Use them to plant seeds mentally to create your experiences. You canNOT ever BE stuck because you can ALWAYS choose new thoughts. You think, then speak and write what you think, the affirmations. Everything you say and write are affirmations.

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How does HEALing work?


How does HEALing work?

What a loaded question!

I have been on the journey of discovery of how HEALing works since I was about 28 years old.

I can tell you I do NOT have it all figured out, yet I feel really great about what I have…


experienced, and


up to this point.

HEALing is 100% personal, and

no one can do it fo you!

HEALing tips for you…


*do yoga



Stay tuned…to learn more!

Peace, Amazing MommA

I Love & Approve of Myself


In 2006, I was introduced to Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body. Life started to make sense. Anything I had learned up to that point did NOT connect the dots for me. I have spent everyday since June of 2006 studying, learning, and experiencing HOW our THOUGHTS become things. Our spiritual, mental, and emotional patterns create our lives and what goes on with our bodies. We are creatures of HABIT! I always wanted to UNDERSTAND how come things were going on with my body and life (the causes)…my CHOICES! 🙂 Louise helped me UNDERSTAND and LEARN what the PATTERNS ARE and WERE! And…AFFIRMations. No need to say more…everything we say is an AFFIRMation! When I talk with my children about any ailments they may have going on, we discuss the CAUSES and HOW to CHANGE and wahla…they heal and restore to wholeness! Another lesson from Louise is to keep Life SIMPLE…the simpler the better! Also, to slow down, enjoy life, relax, breathe, tap, do yoga, and so much more! Life is beautiful! Thank you Louise, may you enjoy PEACE…I will forever be thankful for ALL you did to help our World BE a healthier and happier place!

Thank you!

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What is HEALING?

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Let Us Change the Obesity in the World… Together!

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My Body Speaks To Me: Upper Back

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What is a HEALER?

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