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April 2019

#TheDaily13 Faith Yoga

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How many times throughout the day do you and your children want to feel and sleep better? Move better? Enjoy moving your body freely? Without aches and pains?

A great way for parents, children, family, and friends to connect is doing 3 to 4 days a week up to daily.

Faith Yoga is for any religion as you use your rituals and practices while doing yoga. This helps you connect with God, your mind and body.

Is what you are doing now working? I have tried many exercises throughout my lifetime and Faith Yoga helps our family grow with our Faith and our health.

Connect with Us to learn more about Faith Yoga!

Blessings, Love, and Hugs,





#TheDaily13 Meditate

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What is it you want to experience in Life? The answers are endless. Yet, quieting ourselves to hear what God wants for us trumps what we want, and it turns out better.

Our World is so vast and endless, we must learn to listen to God to experience peace. We cannot expect to be rebellious and also experience peace. We cannot expect to make foolish choices, and experience the benefits of wisdom.

Our World seems to be a free for all. Where do we turn? To God. Quiet yourself. How? There are many actions you can take, yet meditation is a great place to start. You do not know how, ask us! We are here to help you.


Where God guides, God provides.

We welcome you and invite you on the journey of meditation, you can do anywhere, anytime. Remember, anytime, anywhere.

Love, Blessings, and Hugs,