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December 2017

Getting Closer

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I am so very close for my splits with left leg forward.
Right leg forward is a bit farther behind.

From June to a month ago I was so much tighter and had pain. Then I decided to do what it was going to take to get past it.

And, it has worked!

Becoming more flexible includes INNER work as much as outer work. I am changing within to experience the changes in the OUTER world.

It works, when you do what it takes!
Miracles happen!


I CHOOSE MY Thoughts and Words Carefully

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“I CHOOSE My Thoughts and Words carefully because they CREATE My Experiences.” ~Amy

Our Thoughts and Words turn into PATTERNS which create our Experiences.

These PATTERNS help us to understand what we can CHANGE to improve our lives.

One may NOT want to pay attention to the PATTERNS (SIGNS and MESSAGES), yet this is the way to Changing your life.

This is the same for every person on the planet.
No one is exempt.
All the people you THINK are luckier than you are really only DOing what every one of us can DO to have what the Creator wants for us.

The CHOICE is yours!

You can DO this!


PC: Cleopatra Thomas

There is a NEED for it

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For every condition we have,
There is a NEED for it.

For every physical symptom we have,
Especially recurring,
There is a LESSON and MESSAGE to LEARN.

This means we must CHANGE our Thoughts and Words
So to CHANGE our Experiences.

Learn the CAUSE,
The INNER cause,
CHANGE one’s Thoughts and Words to align with the NEW,
Then the EFFECTS change.

The OUTER changes!

I know…
It is difficult to know where to begin.
You want clues.
You want to BE guided.

I AM here.
I will help guide you.
I will help you learn how to prevent conditions.

You are amazingly awesome!

Have a great night’s sleep!


Great Ideas Start with Yoga

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“Great Ideas Start with Yoga!” ~Amy

YOGA gets us in touch with our #body,
#connect on a deeper level.

You #learn where the body is…
Tighter, relaxed, blocked energy (heat and cold), open, injuries, imbalanced, weak, strong, open, and more.

You learn how the body is #connected.
(Video available in Everyday Life Closed Group)

You LEARN self-discipline by #listening to Tue our body and going only so far. Believe me I do NOT listen sometimes and my body tells me. (More in video)

You LEARN to pay attention to your #breath.
It amazes how our breathing is shallow without realizing it.

You LEARN how great you can #feel after Doing YOGA!


Pix: As you can see, Rosebud decided it was time for her meditation on my mat!
pc: Cleopatra Thomas

If yoga is wrong, we don’t wanna BE right


“If yoga is wrong, we don’t wanna be right.”

The truth is…
NOT about wrong or right.
It is about the Truth.
NOT yours or mine Truths.
It is about your Creator’s Truth.

No matter what religion or denomination you are,
Please understand if they say yoga is evil, the devil, or NOT allowed,
It is actually that organization’s rules and laws,
NOT the Creator’s.

I have friends who call it stretching instead of yoga,
Which works around what their organization says.

Something so positive as yoga is NOT about wrong or right.
It is a truth along the way.

I respect and understand anyone’s position,
Yet please know there options you can find to enjoy the benefits of yoga without calling it that name.
BE creative! Do NOT miss the benefits yoga can give you!


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