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October 2017

What We Learn from Our Parents


“We LEARN from our Parents
Mental & Emotional
Beliefs &

We each have LEARNed
The ‘healthy & useful’ ones, AND
The NOT so ‘ healthy & useful ones.

It really is up to each one of us to decide
How to HELP ourselves.

We can CHOOSE to roll up our sleeves,
Look in the mirror to see the TRUTH, and


If You Want Your LIFE to Improve


#2 If YOU want Your LIFE to improve,
You MUST improve YourSELF!
~John C. Maxwell

As much as we want to change others and the World,
We must turn inwards to CHANGE first.

Yes, where do YOU start?
Great question!

The same place everyone else starts…
One baby step at a time!


And, then CHANGE another.

And, then CHANGE another.
You will be guided!

YOU can DO this!


Yoga Flow Sequences


So I created a flow sequence that I use at different times, for the past 10 years.

When the seasons change, I start to think, Ame, you need to change up! So I create a new variation flow sequence! Have for years!

Yes, Autumn came and I created new a.m., afternoon, and p.m. sequences. Yep!

SO I have been Doing these for the last several weeks.

Then, I realized that I love my same ole same ole flow sequence I have done on and off for years. LoL

Do you any of you have or had a similar experience?

I can tell when it flows and when it does NOT! I push it for awhile, my body responds negatively, and yes realize the truth!

Depending on my state of mind, I realized tonight where I place the block. When my mind is resisting, my body resists, and it is hard for me when the block is to the outside in this pose. When my mind is open, I can go further. Go figure! LoL

I AM so happy and thankful for YOGA!

#TheLifeBlog #EverydayFamilyLife




Do YOU remember when YOU were a child and needed to ‘speak the truth’?

Do YOU remember how YOU felt?

I do!

Tonight Isaiah had something to ‘speak the truth’ about, and
The tears rolled one by one down his precious face.
He felt sad, mad, so many feelings!

I explained that communicating is the BEST way.

I had him CLOSE his eyes, and
BREATHE,…, and
Reminded him of #Meditation.

We, as a #Family, DO MEDitation every morning for 10 minutes.
I softly and quietly sang ‘Om’ to him.

He calmed and explained the situation.
He felt so much better!
He cleared his energy!

MEDitation is so very incredible…
May YOU ‘Experience the Difference ‘!

Peace, MommA

#EverydayFamilyLife #TheLifeBlog

Refuses to CHANGE, Continues to Blame


“Refuses to CHANGE, Continues to Blame”

How much do YOU Refuse to Change…

Because of…
Stress, Others, Work, Children,
Family, Time, Friends, Weather,
The Past, Technology, Money, Heredity,
And more?

Guess what?

This is ALL BOGUS!


You refuse to CHANGE, And
Continue to Blame!

The CHOICE is Yours!


YOU have support, and
Everything YOU need to CHANGE!

YOU got this!

#TheLifeBlog #EverydayFamilyLife


To My Sweet Hubby


To My Sweet Hubby…

Anther year younger!

YOU look younger everyday!
And, act like it too!🤣(Yes, this is a good thing!)

May YOU BE blessed for Your NEW Year with Love, Health, Happiness, Laughter, Smiles, Hugs, and so much more!

YOU deserve the BEST LIFE has to offer!

YOU are a loving, fun, beautiful, yogic, active, focused, disciplined, cool, handsome, wise soul!
And, so much more!

YOU have been through so much, always forgive yourself for any of the past and BE nice to yourself!
Remember Your Innocence!!

May the BLESSINGS and Good Fortune BE yours!

Thank YOU for BEing one of my greatest teachers!

I love you, Ame