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September 2017



I am not crazy about taking photos like this, yet the girls said time to have a progress picture… here it is!

Many bumps, hurdles, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more during these 6 months!

Effort, discipline, change, choices, and so much more!

Yoga, meditation, walks, foods, water, sleep, laughter, and more!

No pills, special drinks, protein supplements, etc.

The kids and I have only take Wellness when run down a bit. No over the counter, prescription, supplements.

Will see what the next step will be!


It is Easier to Train Cubs than Tame Lions

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“It is easier to train cubs than to tame lions.” – Will Bowen

Can an old dog LEARN new tricks?
Yes, yet only if They ‘WANT’ to!

I think about ALL the ‘time and energy’ I have
Spent training cubs and ‘trying’ to tame lions!

I think about the ‘problems’ I have ignored over the years,
Yep, and they grow into ‘devouring’ lion problems.

“The longer you ignore an issue, the larger it grows.” – Will Bowen

Situations with my kids, hubby, and family that
I thought would work themselves out…
Yep, silly me… I knew better, yet I chose to see
If it would resolve itself, NOPE!

So, I AM opening the doors to the cages that
I carry with me, and
With the guidance of God, I AM going to deal with them.

Some relationships will Grow and Evolve,
Some may End.

I AM sorry for any of My Choices that hurt anyone.
ALL I can DO is CHANGE myself for the better!

Peace, Amazing Ame

KNOWing and DOing are Two Different Things

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KNOWing and DOing are Two Different Things

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“KNOWing and DOing are two different things.” Okay, so you “KNOW” it is BEST for you to Exercise, Yet, you “DO” differently! You “KNOW” it is BEST for you to get good sleep, Yet, you “DO” differently! You “KNOW” It is BEST for you to slow down and change From the inside out so you ENJOY your LIFE more, Yet, YOU “DO” differently! See the pattern? Yep, any of US can “KNOW” what we NEED to DO, Yet, taking the next step is key… To “DO”! You got this! Peace, Amazing MommA #EverydayFamilyLife

Your Check Engine Light


Your Check ENGINE light… Have you checked your engine light when you get signals? Our Body is our Feedback System. When our BODY signals to us that something is NOT running well, We choose to either… Listen -or- Ignore. The signals and messages are subtle and Little in the beginning, and Then tend to get stronger and louder the more we choose to ignore. Our BODY is beautifully created and designed to BE whole, and Run smoothly, Yet that requires us to DO our part. Encouraging words: Pay attention to what your Body is telling YOU, It really does know BEST, and Wants the BEST for you! Peace, Amazing MommA #EverydayFamilyLife

Ever Have Tight Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back?


Ever Have Tight Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back?

Me too!

I have been experimenting vigorously with yoga poses & stretches and my life
To help ‘RELEASE’ the tension in my neck, shoulders, choices, and upper back since 2007.

Any of you ‘TIGHTER’ on your dominate side?
Me too!

The GREAT news is when you ‘lengthen and release’, There is GREAT ‘freedom’ in what you can DO,
How much HAPPIER you FEEL, and
HOW your choices CHANGE!
Me too!

Know you are NOT required to have the tension and tightness.
At any time, you can choose to take the baby steps to start RELEASING it!

The time is NOW!

Peace, #AmazingMommA 😉

We are NEVER the Same


“…how insects molt old forms,
shedding the old to come into new forms.
Insects remind us that we are never the same.
We are always changing, and
that is the only constant.
But that is also the force of creation.”

A great meditation for tonight…

Let US shed the old.
We are never the same.
We are always changing.
This is our only constant.
Thank You and so it is done.

Blessings and Love to you ALL!




“3-2-1-ACTION!” #JustDoIt

Our thoughts and feelings will either…

Motivate US to take ACTION, or
Drain US and we DO nothing!

We can come up with an EXCUSE …
at any moment.

The key is to…

Green Light Go…

Cheers, Amazing MommA

To Our Children


To Our Children…

Always remember…

To take a walk each day,
20 Minutes minimum,
Without any technology,
Smell the flowers when blooming,
Catch the leaves when autumn,
Eat snowflakes when winter,
Appreciate when brown becomes green, and
Back to brown!

20 Minutes minimum a day,
Without any technology.

Love, MommA


The Simpler the Better


“There is NO need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own hearts is our temple.” Dalai Lama

Today I was chatting with Hazel about how complicated LIFE can BE, and
She said Those wise words,
“The simpler the Better.”

Removing drama, toxicity, games, manipulation, lies, and more from your LIFE will…
Make Life Simpler.

Our #EverydayFamilyLife has simplified our Lives and FAMILY quite a bit since 2014, and
Then it is amazing how we accumulate and get a bit too active again!

Amazing when we have the ‘Discipline’ to release the old,
There is so much more Room for health and happiness!

Do The MENTAL and EMOTIONAL cleanse…
You will BE thankful you did!

Peace, Amazing MommA